See it Through My Eyes

This song is an attempt to humanize the Central American refugee crisis by illustrating the perilous journey from El Salvador to the United States border.

Have you ever feared for your life? Have you ever lost a loved one? Could you imagine living in a country where you only made 2 dollars a day? Wouldn't you want more for your children, for yourself? 

The song highlights the reasons for emigration from Central America, which include violence and political instability. Many refugees travel through Guatemala and then cross the Suchiate River, which divides Mexico and Guatemala. In Mexico they ride atop a train called "La Bestia" which means The Beast, during which many are maimed, kidnapped, extorted, raped, and even killed. 

With that said, see it through their eyes.  As captured by the wonderful photo journalists credited in the captions. 


Politics Aside

To be honest I was very hesitant to write a song about guns because the topic is so polarizing. With that said, my objectives were to show the listener the pattern of gun violence in America. I wanted to create a bipartisan timeless piece that would be relevant during act of gun violence. 

Politics aside discusses the epidemic of gun violence in America, evinced by mass shootings, suicides, gang violence, and killings by police officers. 

  • Every day - 318 people are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, and police intervention.
  •  Every day, 96 Americans are killed with guns.
  • Every day, 222 people are shot and survive


Rise Up Now

This song speaks to clinician resilience and the journey from burnout to well-being. It was accepted to the National Academy of Medicine Expression of Clinician Well-Being Gallery, which called on artists to explore what clinician burnout, clinician well-being, and clinician resilience looks, feels and sounds like to people across the country.